WINDOWS – How to uninstall built in Win10 apps

A number of the Windows applications (such as Mail, Money, Weather, Xbox) in Windows 10 have no uninstall option however they are still just AppX packages installed on the OS so can be viewed and removed using PowerShell.

Launch an elevated PowerShell session and then run command:

Get-AppxPackage *<part of package name>* | Remove-AppxPackage

To remove. For example to remove the built-in Mail and Calendar applications I use:

Get-AppxPackage *communi* | Remove-AppxPackage

To view all the packages use:

Get-AppxPackage | ft Name, PackageFullName -AutoSize

Some common ones you may wish to uninstall are listed below with the part of package name to use:

Camera – *camera*
Mail and Calendar – *communi*
People – *people*
Money, Sports, News, Travel, Health, Food and Weather – *bing* or to just remove certain ones use *bingsports*, *bingtravel* etc. Use ‘Get-AppxPackage *bing* | ft Name, PackageFullName -AutoSize‘ to view the names
Groove Music and Movies & TV – *zune*
Xbox – *xbox*
Solitare – *solit*
3D Builder – *3d*

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